Flora-1 LED High Bay Light Retrofit Replacement for 400W HPS and 400W Metal Halide

Case study
We’ve just finished warehouse lighting installation retrofit by 120W LED highbay warehouse light in our Singapore. The lighting project installation in industrial projects. We committed to the mission to bring less energy consumption to our customers. And bring enough bright life to the managed environment.
The original lux in the warehouse is 59lux. After completely retrofit by 120W led highbay, the detected lux is 135lux. From any retrofit or initial lighting project, we can see the great advantage of led lights. No matter in commercial lighting or industrial lighting project.

Available in 100W, 120W, 150W and 200W of this led highbay light. The most popular model is 150W led high bay light. We have shipped out many bulk orders of highbay light to every corner of this planet.