Flora-1 LED Highbay for Maintained Emergency lighting fitting

Case study
What is an emergency light fitting?
Emergency light fittings include a battery as a backup power source that is continuously charged. Emergency light fittings can tell when the power has failed and immediately switch to using the backup battery. The battery needs to power the light fitting for a minimum of 3 hours. To conserve power the light output from the fitting is reduced, often to 10% of the normal light output.
What is the difference between a maintained and non-maintained fitting?
Maintained fitting – will operate as a normal light fitting and be controlled with all the other lights in the area, however when the power fails the maintained emergency fitting will continue to operate but, at a lower light level.
Non-maintained fitting – is normally switched off, with its batteries being continuously charged and a green LED showing fully charged. When the power fails then the fitting switches on using its battery supply. Non-maintained fittings are not part of the general lighting but are fittings such as emergency exit signs.

The Built-in Battery can keep three hours lighting for 10W 1600lm emergency lighting after the power has failed.