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LED Pendant Light
Energy saving, use the high power 30W COB LED as light source, 80% energy saving than incandescent.
Environmental Protection, no mercury and lead hazardous materials in the light which don’t pollute the environment. Without infrared and ultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, it’s green lighting products.
Input voltage is AC100-240V wide range fit for most of customers’ request.
USing COB led chip, high brightness, high efficiency, high CRI.
Constant current driver, no flicker.
Straight ahead light and good directionality, higher light use efficiency than traditional lamps.
The main heat sink is aluminum with good thermal conductivity, LEDs touch the red copper plate, so that good heat dissipation.
With higher luminous efficiency, can work at relatively low temperature, greatly save electricity.
To achieve the desired effect of non-glare lighting surface according to the different food, high color rendering
and the food color looks more real. It’s better for customer's to select the food.
Application: Used for fresh food in the supermarket such as fruits, vegetables, flower, fish, milk, meat, frozen and deli food,also for dining other places etc.
Voltage : AC100-240V
Power : 30W
CCT : 2700-7000K
CRI : ≥85 / ≥90
Beam angle : 60º
Lifespan : 50000 Hrs
IP Rating : IP40
Fitting Surface Color : Red / Green / Yellow / Blue