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“Re-Inventing a Brighter World”,
Steadfast doctrine of energy efficient LED lighting, introduces a wide range of LED lighting solution under Brettonwoods brand. Designing and manufacturing in collaboration with lighting giants, to meet international standards is aimed to provide solid lighting solution for project across the world. We make our stock holders feel good by providing solid lighting solution that last for ages.

Our continuous-improvement outlook and drive to optimize quality through material science have created a world of lighting solution; that can make the earth greener. Uncompromising performance and better payback are the terms that lead us to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. By the cutting-edge performance of the LED chips we adopt; ensures lower cost of light. Our innovation, design and development are expected to speed and deepen LED system adoption across a range of general and specialty applications.

Being using light source by leading manufacturers such as NICHIA, CREE, SAMSUNG, EPISTAR, PHILIPS, BRIDGELUX, supported by world class drivers such as MEANWELL, TRIDONIC etc; we are equipped to withstand any harsh environmental condition without losing significant lighting output over time. We adopt LEDs that are designed with color modulation that casts light that can make everything look more vibrant and lifelike.

LED lighting we develop is designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture. The lighting elements of LEDs are modulated by diffusers, so you won’t be distracted with hotspots, or glare.
The only thing you will experience is life under beautiful radiant light. The quality of light fittings we introduces ensures very long life-span; hence you may never change the fixture for ages.
We concentrate our innovation on:

  • Advanced lumen and color maintenance;
  • Led that delivers efficacy and value beyond mid-power LEDs;
  • Greater reliability, visual comfort and better color rendering index;
  • Uniform light distribution and tighter color control;
  • Reinforced Structural Stability for better heat dissipation;
  • Ensure environmental robustness in corrosion resistance;
  • Power saving components that ensures higher power factors etc.
Latest Products


  • Bretton Height-M1
    LED Highbay Light

  • Flora-3
    LED Highbay Light

  • Bretton Street Bridgelux
    LED Street Light

  • Flora-2
    LED High Bay Light

  • Lumea LED Floodlight
Power Supply for Industrial application Products

In order to meet the demands for high-grade AC/DC power supply -with low noise and has to operate under highly humid, highly dusty, highly oily, highly salty, ultra-low or high temperature, heavily vibrating, high altitude and poor ventilation environment- we use MEAN WELL 240W/320W ~HEP-240/320series.

These two series adopt aluminum case and the interior are fully potted with the heat-conducted silicone that equip both series with the IP65/IP68 high level protection against the ingress of dust and water and the up to 10G anti-vibration capability. Moreover, they are able to work under the ambient temperature ranging between -55°C and +70°C by free air convection. To perfectly fit the industrial control applications running in harsh environment all over the world, such as outdoor telecommunication equipment, outdoor electronic signage and billboards, and petroleum plants or mine shaft facilities, we use HEP family drivers from Meanwell.